15 Jun 2016

About workaholism and the association with mental disorders

Did you know that the workaholics actually suffer from pshychiatrical diseases?

After a study based on 16,426 people from Norway, dr Cecilie Schou Andreassen has found that the workaholics scored higher on all the psychiatric symptoms than the regular people.

The workaholics try to run from their problems or feelings, becoming stressed and anxious when they can not work, in order to do some other activities. It seems like, the fact that people put so much effort into their work, is more of a sign of deeper psychological or emotional issues. The workaholism is a disease itself, and it is also related to OCD, ADHD, or even depression and anxiety.

The questions which didn’t receive a clear answer yet, is if these symptoms are genetically transmitted, if they come leading to workaholism or the workaholism generated them. Researches on the subject are still on the making.

How do you recognise yourself as a workaholic? First of all, by preffering to do your tasks instead of enjoying your free time, is a big sign of workaholism, and you should put serious thought into it. Secondly, the fact that your family and your hobbies, are not a priority anymore but the job is, it is a sign that you are hiding from the way you might feel, such as anxious, guilty, needless or drepressed. Moreover, if you work so hard that it has bad effects on your health, then you should decide if it is worthy to continue the fight with the monsters you’ve created, or you should kill them.

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