NADIA GORDUZA MD, EMBA Psychotherapist & Founder ID Therapy

Nadia Gorduza psihoterapeut specializat in metoda Gottman I am medical doctor, psychotherapist and business coach.Because the body and the mind always work together, the solutions for our health cannot be fragmentary. I started this endeavor inspired by a question: what if you, as a human being with a story to tell, a problem to solve or a pain to heal, came to a place where you could benefit from a complex and complete diagnosis and left with an ef[...] Read more

MIHAI BRAN, Specialist Psychiatrist, Assistant Professor, PhDs

I am a Psychiatrist and Assistant Professor at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila Bucharest.Based on my belief that every patient needs a personalized and integrated approach both in terms of diagnosis and treatment, I enriched my professional medical background and expertise with a Strategic Brief Psychotherapy clinical master degree. Experience has shown me that pharmacolo[...] Read more

VIRGINIA NEACSU, M.A., psychologist, psychotherapist

Virginia Neacsu, M.A., psychologist, psychotherapist, licensed by the Romanian Board of Psychologist in Cognitive-behavior therapies, Brief Solution Focused Therapies and Brief Solution Focused Counselling.

In more than twelve years of therapy and counselling practice, I became aware that anxiety, depression and trauma are some of the most pervasive human issues and it[...] Read more

RAINA SAGUNA, clinical psychologist and integrative psychotherapist specialist

I strongly believe that the therapist is a balanced emotional landmark and a guarantee of customer success in the work with itself. He is invested emotionally, morally and informationally, and this is requiring a high level of competence, maturity and responsibility. My objective, for people I work with, is to offer a professional help, to support and accompany people dealing with addiction, in th[...] Read more

Bogdan Pîrtoaca, specialist clinician psychologist and accredited psychotherapist

I'm a specialist clinician psychologist and accredited psychotherapist in cognitive and behavioural psychotherapy. I wanted to train as a psychotherapist in Cluj because I believed it was the best psychology school/university in Romania.

At Cluj Babeș-Bolyai University I came into contact with the latest studies and trends in the academic field of psychology and I ha[...] Read more