Facereading Profiling for HR & Recruitmenta great tool in the hands of the business world.

For business, Facereading Profiling is a shortcut to success: it saves time, money and relationships.

The essence of it: understand the features of one’s face and you understand the person whom you are speaking to – even before they open their mouth. This knowledge leads to a clear and upfront business advantage.

Reading personality at a glance, just by looking at one’s face, means accurate prediction of his or her personality and future behavior.

• for HR departments in corporations, profiling through facereading is a key to a better match employer-employee, and to a lower rate of failure when recruiting.

• in headhunting field profiling through facereading works as a pragmatic shortcut to a relevant profiling that saves time, money and maximizes the match with the organization

• it helps CEOs and top/middle management better assess employees and craft customized career paths within the organization.

We provide

Training within the organization with key people in decision making. A 2-3 full days training helps them internalize basic rules of judgment and helps them make fair assessments.

This includes

• An Introduction to basic muscle movements and their effects;

• How to link elements of the face together;

• An understanding of the basic lines and how they are formed.