Cezar Giosan, PhD, Professor of Psychology

Cezar Giosan, PhD, is a psychotherapist in the United States and a Professor of Psychology at Berkeley College, New York, with over 20 years experience in clinical research and patient work. He has a doctorate in Psychology from New School University in New York and has worked for a long time in the Department of Psychiatry at the prestigious Cornell University, department ranked on the top place in the US for research quality and patient care. Dr. Giosan is also a Clinical Psychologist accredited to practice clinical psychology in Romania, and a lecturer in the Department of Psihologie at the University of Bucharest, where he also advises doctoral students in psychology. Dr. Giosan has authored dozens of scientific articles in international journals and his works have been cited almost 1500 times in the literature.

For more information about Dr. Giosan, visit him at www.giosan.com and www.giosan.net.