RAINA SAGUNA, clinical psychologist and integrative psychotherapist specialist

I strongly believe that the therapist is a balanced emotional landmark and a guarantee of customer success in the work with itself. He is invested emotionally, morally and informationally, and this is requiring a high level of competence, maturity and responsibility. My objective, for people I work with, is to offer a professional help, to support and accompany people dealing with addiction, in their psychotherapy process, for acquiring and maintaining both emotional well-being and a healthy lifestyle.

I graduated psychology, as a clinical psychologist and integrative psychotherapist specialist formed in Integrative Psychotherapy. I am certified by the Psychologists Association of of Romania and member of the Romanian Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy and the Romanian Federation of Psychotherapy, Being in a continuous process of developing and enriching my professional background, I enriched my professional activity with multiple trainings as cognitive-behavioral therapy, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, brief solution focused therapy, master in neuro linguistic programming and coaching, my goal being to help you to stand up to your open fears, barriers and reasons for concern, to realize those mental unconscious mechanisms and patterns that stops you channel your creativity and towards achieving desired personal and professional objectives.

For more than six years, through Addicts Anonymous, I am helping people which are dealing with addiction, not only alcohol, smoking, substance use, gambling and work, but also money, power, image, technology, video games, internet, computer, gadgets, control, performance addictions, to find the meaning of their own lives, so that they can enjoy it, being free of any addiction. What gives me a greater joy are the incredible efforts that people whom I work with are making during therapy sessions, to overcome the situation they are in and have a fulfilling life, in accordance with their values and beliefs they are fighting for . I really appreciate and have a great respect for their work and achievements.