16 Jun 2016

Executive profiling through Face Reading: reading a CEO’s face is science

There is more and more need in the nowadays business world of executive profiling for accurate matching between people and their places of works, accounting for a good source of intrinsic motivation, the most precious of all. This goes no different for top levels for whom the privilegde of being on top comes together with even bigger liabilities. Therefore executive profiling becomes crucial as it entails long term commitments with bigger consequences.

Whenever recruiting, head hunting companies are faced with several options as regards the executive profiling methodologies, apart from an obvious CV fit or misfit. And of course, apart from personal, subjective asessment.

Among complex and 360 assesment methodologies, a fresh and highly effective method emerges: executive profiling through Face Reading.

What is Face Reading and how does it help head hunters for executive profiling?

Face Reading is an ancient physiognomy-psychological system of understanding a person’s character from his or her facial features. Every facial feature has corresponding psychological meanings, and your face is a physical-emotional map of who you are and where you are going. Through face reading a good “interpreter” can see one’s strengths as well as weaknesses, the lessons learned and carved on the face and the emotions that are being carried.

When we are born our face is a blank canvas. As our environment and emotions begin to affect us, our face muscles respond through thousands of movements and shape our face. As we mature, and the more complicated our thoughts, desires and feelings become, lines and other dimensions are formed on our face, forming a picture. A clearly legible one, but only for a trained eye.

As a direct, unmediated access to our “DNA personality” the ability to read faces represents a huge asset in executive profiling because it proves particularly efficient in understanding personal relationships and patterns of communication, own career development, and is also efficient in helping recruiters understand better a candidate’s non verbal declarations about him/herself. Because yes, a face can speak to whom is trained enough to “hear” it.

Therefore, in executive profiling, the science of face reading provides a shortcut towards a potential misfit with the job or it might lead towards precious information of the candidate’s ability to get intrinsically motivated by the very nature of the job.

For more details you can access www.idtherapy.eu/individual-psychotherapy/facereading

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