Why INTENSIVE COUPLE THERAPY? Couple relationships can be mapped, diagnosed, treated, bettered, healed. There are solutions, happily enough – quick solutions and there is no need for years of therapy for that. 

We are offering for couples in search of fixing or strengthening their relationship as fast as possible an Intensive Marathon Therapy, meaning longer sessions, 4-5 hours per day for 4-5 consecutive days.

Nadia Gorduza – medical doctor, psychotherapist and business coach

Through Gottman Method® at ID Therapy we are able to efficiently offer couples therapy to help partners:

• Increase respect, affection, and closeness

• Break through and resolve conflict when they feel stuck

• Generate greater understanding between partners

• Keep conflict discussions calm

• Increase the probability to repair troubled marriages

• Contribute to “marriage number 2” with the same partner after a breakup, if this is desired by both partners

So, couples who manage to work harmoniously and have a successful marriage are closer to this ratio of 5 positive emotions to 1 negative emotion.

While for those who are on the verge of divorce this ratio is 1: 0.8. This is, moreover, one of the important predictors for a happy relationship or divorce.

Couple relationships have their life and health, visible. By simply observing an interaction within the couple therapy, a prediction with a very high degree of accuracy can be given whether or not the couple will withstand the next 5 years and what are the immediate steps to be taken to repair their relationship and strengthen it at the same time.

Dr. John Gottman has clearly revolutionized the study of marriage. For nearly four decades he conducted research on more than 3000 couples on all facets of relationships, including parenting issues.

Through research-based interventions and exercises, he developed a structured, goal-oriented, scientifically proved couple therapy that not only supports and repairs troubled marriages but strengthens happy ones.

Gottman Method® Couples Therapy helps couples break through barriers to achieve greater understanding, connection and intimacy in their relationships.