There are personal therapies that last for years and therapies that have provable results in 5 sessions. Which is preferable?

Strategic brief therapy is a strategic short-term future-focused therapeutic approach, which helps our clients by constructing solutions rather than dwelling on problems. It is highly strategic, exploratory, versatile and adaptive. It is less concerned with the origin of a problem than with the current factors sustaining it and deterring change.

We apply innovative techniques built ad hoc to unlock particular types of negative patterns or persistence. Whenever a problem or a recurrent pattern strikes, people are so deep into their problem that they cannot see the positives they’re living with. It most of the times calls for an external intervention to unlock the awareness of the positive, which is not at all obvious to the person in suffering.

These treatment protocols proved to solve with greater effectiveness and quicker than any other form of psychotherapy (3 to 5 sessions usually) important disorders such as:


• Panic attacks

• Social phobia

• Post traumatic syndrome

• Obsessive-compulsive syndrome

Eating disorders

   – anorexia

   – bulimia

• Sexual dysfunction

• Depression