There is no such thing as illnesses, but ill people. There are no universal recipes, but personalized solutions. What ID Therapy offers as services can be called “Bespoke diagnosis”, meaning customized treatment and actionable solutions for individual conditions. As of tomorrow.

“I am medical doctor and psychotherapist. Because the body and the mind always work together, the solutions for our health cannot be fragmentary.

I started this endeavor inspired by a question: what if you, as a human being with a story to tell, a problem to solve or a pain to heal, came to a place where you could benefit from a complex and complete diagnosis and left with an efficient solution science-based and adapted to your specific need?  This what if developed into my credo.

I rest my professional approach upon 4 guiding principles:

1. At our center you are neither a patient, nor a client, but a unique entity that leaves this door with his or her own scan of the problem and of a personalized treatment, as well as with a clear path to follow: for health problems that you know already and maybe for disturbances that are so far unchartered to you.

2.We blend innovatively psychotherapies and technologies to get straight to a solution, be it a matter of physical symptom or psychological urge. From the ancient knowledge of facereading – that is more and more used now to understand the cause of the problems and to answer to “WHY do I behave like this”, or “HOW to behave differently?” – to the ultimate technics of Virtual Therapy used in psychotherapy or the 40 years research based findings of Gottman Method® in couple therapy we put to work different tools for quick relief or rebalance.

3. We always proceed with the end in mind, in a time saving and strategic solution focused framework. Therapies that work are those that prove to work fast”.

4. Life long personal expertise in the multinational healthcare business brings in the power to really understand business people and their environment. Top level coaching is made with the empathy that only the deep knowledge of business can nurture. Unless you are part of the business world you cannot have solutions that work for it.