Personal Data Protection


Information note on the protection of your personal data

ID Therapy Bespoke Treatment Center, the exclusive property of S.C. GORDUZA PARTNERS S.R.L., C.P.I. LUPU GORDUZA MARIA NADIA, SC ID INTELLIGENCE S.R.L and LUPU-GORDUZA MARIA NADIA, treat the security and confidentiality of your data with due seriousness. This information note contains important information about how we process your data, the processed data categories, and the rights you receive. Please read carefully the information in this note and contact us for any questions you may have.

Our contact details

Full Name: ID Therapy Bespoke Treatment

Center Head Office Address: Str. Erou Iancu Nicolae nr 85 V2, Voluntari, Ilfov, code 077190, Romania

Phone numbers: 0751202272

E-mail addresses: [email protected]

Please submit any request regarding the processing of your personal data to the following coordinates: email: [email protected] and / or tel 0751202272.

The categories of data we process 

In relation to you, we process the following categories of data:

Medical data (sensitive personal data): symptoms, diseases you suffer, services and medications accessed in the past, the results of the tests and / or analyzes we administer, the treatment we prescribe, data from the medical file and other information you give us about your health.

If you decide to submit the results of previous medical investigations and reports, we will process them for your diagnosis and / or medical treatment.

If you provide information about your relatives or family, their contact details will only be used when we can not contact you or in an emergency. If you provide information about their health status (for example, a family history of the occurrence of certain diseases), we will treat this information as personal data of those individuals and provide them with the necessary protection. We will not inform these people about this processing to comply with our obligation of professional secrecy with you.

Personal Details: the information in your ID.

Contact details: address, phone number, email address.

Payment details: bank account number, bank card, IBAN code, date from which bank card is valid, expiration date of bank card.

Interaction data with us: the history of our services that you have benefited from.


The basis for processing your personal data 

We are committed to protect and process your personal data and we are required to do so by law. Our medical professionals are subject to a professional duty of confidentiality.

The processing of basic personal data (for example, name and contact details) is required to conclude a contract with you at your request or to execute a contract with you to provide the medical services you need.

Providing a medical diagnosis and / or medical treatment is the legal basis for processing your health data.

If you are in an extreme or life-threatening situation while at our headquarters, we will use your health data to maintain your health and well-being and to protect your vital interests.

We also process your data to fulfill our legal obligations with regard to archiving, health, security, record keeping and other obligations that our law requires.

In order for you to get quality medical care and a more accurate diagnosis, your therapists need to know all the relevant information about your patient profile.

Therefore, your refusal to provide us with the personal data we require in order to be able to provide you medical services may lead to the impossibility of providing the service.

Finally, you may,voluntarily, agree to contact you for marketing purposes. If you express your consent (by ticking the appropriate option in the statement we have provided to you for this purpose), we will send you news about our services, newsletters or other information you may be interested in.

Your consent to processing contact details for marketing purposes may be withdrawn at any time and does not condition your ability to benefit from our services.

Data storage period 

We will keep your data for as long as necessary for the provision of medical services and to comply with the applicable legal requirements regarding the retention of medical and financial-accounting documents. If the legal obligation to keep your data out, we will delete your data or anonymize it.

Recipients of the data. Transferring the data 

As a rule, we do not divulge your data to other companies, organizations or individuals. However, in certain circumstances, it is possible to disclose your data to other natural or legal persons providing services to us (for example, collaborating physicians, accountants, auditors, lawyers and other external professional consultants who are bound by law or according to the contract concluded with us to respect professional secrecy and ensure the confidentiality of your data, implementing satisfactory safety measures).

It is also possible to share your data with third parties (eg public authorities) to the extent that this is necessary to meet a legal obligation or to protect your vital interest or to prevent a threat to public health.

Your personal data can be sent to recipients located in non-EU / CEE states, and in the United States of America. Before transferring your data outside the EU / CEE, your data is protected because we ensure that the beneficiary partner uses the so-called Compulsory Corporate Rules or EU standard contracts. If we need to transfer your data to a country that is not covered by a European Commission decision on adequacy, we will inform you in advance about this transfer.

Your rights

Under the data protection legislation, you have the following rights:

  • Right to request access to your personal data. This means that you have the right to access our personal data processed by us and to obtain from us information about the nature, processing and disclosure of such data
  • Right to request the rectification of your personal data. This means that you have the right to correct or complete your personal data if it is inaccurate or incomplete
  • Right to request the deletion of your personal information. This means you have the right to delete your personal data under certain circumstances if there are no legal grounds for further processing
  • Right to request restriction of processing. This means that you can request “blocking” the processing of your personal data. Your valid request will mean we will have the right to store your personal data, but we will not have the right to process it further
  • Data portability. You have the right to receive and transfer easily an electronic copy of your personal data and ask us to transfer it to another operator
  • Right to opposethe processing of your personal information for direct marketing purposes
  • Right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority. You have the right to file a complaint with your personal data processing authority about your data processing by us or on our behalf
  • Right to withdraw the consent. In situations where we process your data under your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent; you may do so at any time, and the withdrawal of consent will not affect the lawfulness of your data processing that we made prior to withdrawal

Profile creation. No automated decision

Part of the services we offer involves creating profiles based on the information you send us and the tests conducted by our specialists. We assure you, however, that you will not be the subject of a decision based exclusively on the automatic processing of your data (including the creation of profiles) that will produce legal effects on you or that will affect you in a similar way to a significant extent.

Security of personal data processing

We are committed to ensuring the security of your personal data. To that end, we apply appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect data against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, modification, disclosure or unauthorized access, as well as against any other form of illegal processing.

Exercise of rights 

In order to exercise one or more of these rights (including the right to withdraw your consent when processing data based on it) or to ask any question about any of these rights or any provision in this notice or any other aspects of processing your data by us, please use whenever you want the contact details on the front page of this information note.

We will try to respond as quickly and completely as possible to all your questions and concerns and we are confident that we can solve any problem positively.

We also inform you that you have the right to file a complaint with the personal data processing supervisor regarding the processing of your data by us or on our behalf.

In Romania, this authority for the supervision of the processing of personal data is the National Authority for Personal Data Processing Supervision (ANSPDCP).

Contact details of ANSPDCP are:

B-dul G-ral. Gheorghe Magheru 28-30, Sector 1, 010336, Bucharest, Romania

[email protected]

Tel. +40,318,059,211; +40.318.059.212, Fax: +40.318.059.602.