Bogdan Pîrtoaca, specialist clinician psychologist and accredited psychotherapist

I’m a specialist clinician psychologist and accredited psychotherapist in cognitive and behavioural psychotherapy. I wanted to train as a psychotherapist in Cluj because I believed it was the best psychology school/university in Romania.

At Cluj Babeș-Bolyai University I came into contact with the latest studies and trends in the academic field of psychology and I have understood why it is necessary for the psychological practice to be supported by evidence obtained from rigorous scientific studies. There, I have come into contact with Albert Ellis and Aaron T. Beck’s efforts in psychology during the twentieth century, that have been able to revolutionize our practice and achievements in psychotherapy, but also with the books of John Gottman and his love laboratory.

I am interested in the latest scientifically validated ways of intervention, such as mindfulness cognitive therapies (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and I try to integrate these techniques into working with my clients, in line with the recommendations of practice guides in the field.

During my fifteen years of professional activity, I have encountered a variety of cases, while I have achieved best results while working with depression, panic and anxiety, management of anger and communication and relational skills.

I encourage you to call for help whenever an emotional or behavioral problem prevents you from being happy or reaching your goals, because there are solutions to your difficulties. Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapies have been created as short duration treatments and proven highly efficient.