Catalina Maria Popoviciu, Psychologist, Blog Contributor

Catalina Maria Popoviciu is psychologist and postgraduate student at University of Bucharest, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, specializing in Psychology of Health- Clinical Research and Behavioral Optimization.

I am committed to continuous professional development and I like to be updatated with inovation and scientific research within mental health field, so I have chosen to take part in two Erasmus internships during my faculty and master’s degree at the European University of Rome and at University of Padua.

I am attracted to scientific research, and in my attention there are studies on the most recent phenomena in psychology, such as bullying, cyberbullying, social media influence on mental health, cyberpsychology.

I think that the human psyche has an endless capacity for modeling and remodeling, we have all the resources to overcome the obstacles in our lives if we are informed and have adequate strategies. For this reason, I wish that through my professional experience and through continuous development of it, I would be able to manage to guide those around me to the inner resources and to their beneficial exploitation.