DIANA NICOLESCU, B.A., M.A., Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Diana Nicolescu is a psychologist, counselor and psychotherapist, Master in Cognitive Sciences, Master in Brief Strategic Psychotherapy and PhD in Neuroscience. She is a member of the Romanian College of Psychologists, the Romanian Association of Brief Therapy Solution Focused Oriented and the International Center of Clinical Excellence.

My approach is very eclectic but I bow to no particular method, although I joggle with many. Experience has taught me that each psychotherapy session has to be customized. Each person is unique, therefore each approach must be unique. You cannot apply a matrix with everybody and expect to have identical results with non-identical people. There are many metaphors we use when we speak about depression “the dark side”, “the emptiness inside me”, “the lack of purpose” and for the younger generation, “depression is like a Dementor from the Harry Potter series which drains peace, hope and happiness out of you and leaves you like an empty shell”. Yes, unfortunately I also have young clients. Younger and younger, each day.

But now you have a chance. Similar to J.K. Rowling you can also rewrite the story of your life, where you are the co-writer. Sometimes we can rewrite certain chapters, choose the good guys from the bad guys, draw new personal borders and write the ending of a new chapter. You might be wondering who the other author is alongside you. Let us find out together! Welcome to the amazing journey named “psychotherapy”!