MIHAI BRAN, Specialist Psychiatrist, Assistant Professor

I am a Psychiatrist and Assistant Professor at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila Bucharest.

Based on my belief that every patient needs a personalized and integrated approach both in terms of diagnosis and treatment, I enriched my professional medical background and expertise with a Strategic Brief Psychotherapy clinical master degree. Experience has shown me that pharmacological and psychotherapeutic therapies based on scientific evidence accompanied by innovative technologies enable definitely a quick and high quality recovery of patients.

Innovation in the medical field is one of my areas of interest.

Together with a team of top professionals in Romania I founded an NGO that promotes the use of technology in psychiatric practice by creating online platforms that provide information about psychiatric pathology. My deep interest in the field of psycho-oncology was renewed by being involved in my research in psychiatric disorders occurring after brain radiotherapy and their treatment.

Treatment of depression, anxiety disorders, insomnia and sexual dysfunctions is my main focus and the results so far give me confidence that through an individualized approach the patinet’s health can improve significantly in a short period of time.