NADIA GORDUZA MD, EMBA Psychotherapist & Founder ID Therapy

Nadia Gorduza psihoterapeut specializat in metoda Gottman

I am medical doctor, psychotherapist and business coach.

Because the body and the mind always work together, the solutions for our health cannot be fragmentary. I started this endeavor inspired by a question: what if you, as a human being with a story to tell, a problem to solve or a pain to heal, came to a place where you could benefit from a complex and complete diagnosis and left with an efficient solution science-based and adapted to your specific need.

Advocated innovation and professionalism, I am certified at international and national level, graduated an Executive MBA in USA, a Clinical High Level Master in Brief Strategic Therapy, Italy, being the only Gottman Methode Couple psychotherapist and trainer in Romania and also Virtual Reality psychotherapist for Phobias and Addiction. I also represent Gottman Institute USA and Virtually Better Inc, USA.