VIRGINIA NEACSU, M.A., psychologist, psychotherapist

Virginia Neacsu, M.A., psychologist, psychotherapist, licensed by the Romanian Board of Psychologist in Cognitive-behavior therapies, Brief Solution Focused Therapies and Brief Solution Focused Counselling.

In more than twelve years of therapy and counselling practice, I became aware that anxiety, depression and trauma are some of the most pervasive human issues and it requires effective and specific, evidence-based treatment.

Thus, the asistance provided for the above mentioned issues, whether in a team with a specialised medical practioner or a stand-alone alternative, should be client-centered and responsive to her feedback, by permanently adjusting to his needs.

The masteral programs in Cognitive-behavior therapies and Psychotraumatology and intensive trainings in trauma-informed treatment thougth me the state of the art interventions and, most important, the right attitude towards the person who chooses to work with me in order to solve his/her problems.

With the clientʼs objectives in mind, we discovered or created solutions, and the permanence of the outcomes was granted by the profound changes that happened. This is the reason I endorse going beyond ”feeling better” to ”getting better” as a tested method of relapse prevention.

My clinical experience helps me grasp the clientʼs vulnerabilities and resources, while being specialised in Cognitive-behavioral Therapy (including sexual minorities-LGBT) and Brief Solution Centered Therapies offers me multiple intervention possibilities.